My. That’s a lot of stuff.

I’ve been wanting to explode my bags share with blogland what I’m carrying and what goes where. I’m staying with my cousin Rae in Bangkok for a few days and a lazy day of nothingness has given me the right opportunity.

Everything moves around a bit and its washing day. But this is the general idea.

Front Left:

This is my day to day bag, the satchel that comes with me when I leave the bike. Its the bag that I open every time I want a snack (got none at the moment) or get confused as to where I am. Passport, kindle, a book (I don’t recommend this one), sunscreen, journal and chain lube. Camera, wallet, phone and keys come and go.

Front Right:

The opposite side of the bike to the previous and the opposite end of the spectrum. This is the bag I never open, however never seems to come along quite regularly still. In this bag are my sleeping bag, first aid kit and spare parts. I also have my frisbee in here. I think I’ve used the frisbee once so far as I’m generally one friend short of the required number for catch and throw.

The spare parts include 2 tubes and a puncture repair kit, spare brake pads (2 sets),  spare pedals (I’ve had too many issues already), spare keys and most importantly, my trusty contact cement. In a day of panic I picked up a cassette removal tool, I’d read about a guy who broke a spoke on the drive side of the rear wheel. He was carrying spare spokes, but had to get the cassette off before he could thread a new spoke through. He ended up on the bus for the next 2 days.

Back Left: All that stuff.

Some things don’t fit into a category and these things go in this bag. I have my tool bottle and a rag for the bike, a bivvy tent (used once so far) and sleeping sheet for me. I have a tower of tins (tiffin) that I’ll often get a take away lunch in when I get breakfast.

Just after taking this photo I went and culled the number of cables in the bottom left corner to about a half, I had duplicate USB cables, Australian plug cables and cables from the camera I no longer have.

As you can see from the bottom of the photo I also carry a spare big toe.

Back Right: Clothes

Today is washing day. You will have to believe me that I do have clothes which is more than I can say for the French cyclist I met on the beach in Koh Rung. Somehow, I managed to find a laundry that charges 3 times as much and takes twice as long to wash clothes than anybody else. I’m not sure what I’ll wear out tonight because I’m on day 3 already for this shirt.

My toiletries kit includes the ever faithful paw paw ointment and berocca. Both are very good to me. The raincoat has been pretty useless, on the bike you sweat too much for a raincoat but I still don’t dare to throw it out.

The other bits:

Apart from the bags, I have the bike, helmet, cycling shoes, two locks and a camelback. The camelback carries 1.5l of water and I have a holder on the frame for another 1.5l. If I need more than that then the water goes in or on the rear bags. 6l of water is the most I’ve carried at any time.

So, thats my world at the moment. Tine and Wim from Belgium have a better look at their equipment.


About shuttrjames

I`m riding a bike through SE Asia. i come from a country where we only speak english, have good maps and no hills. Here. I am in trouble! Follow me to get lost in the back roads of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. james
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